About Studio Dojo

We train, coach and advise design leaders and organisations, so that together we can do more creative good for the worlds we live in.
Studio Dojo specialises in building the design and creative capacities of individuals, teams and organisations. We commit to bringing you the skills for increased awareness on what’s going on around you and to respond with the appropriate effectiveness and speed.


“After some years of practice, are you feeling like you need more depth and focus in maturing your own design and creative capabilities?”
“Do you feel like you can gain more effectiveness in your work if you just knew how to see things at a different level?”

Knowledge and skills are an important part of building your design and creative capabilities. Studio Dojo aims to offer something deeper than the sea of introductory courses and bootcamps out there. Our training will invite you into a deeper level of practice by slowing things down and allowing you to respond better. We will delve into the finer details of the design practice so that you are able to become more effective and mature in your own craft.

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“Are you looking to connect with like-minded people who are also wanting to learn and explore the same interests as you?”
“Do you learn better in a communal space where there is a diversity of views and experience?”

Studio Dojo believes that creative practice and leadership doesn’t happen in a the vacuum. Communities are an important place that we all learn in. We look to support and host events that help develop you as better creative leaders in your life and work environments.

List of events:

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“Do you want to improve on your strengths to amplify your influence and impact further?”
“Are you stuck in a rut or a downward spiral, even with your best efforts at improving the situation?”

As a creative professional or leader, you’re constantly challenged to be at your edge of development. Shifting your worldview and perspectives requires the deep work that coaching can provide.

Studio Dojo can partner and journey with you through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your own personal and professional potential. A Studio Dojo coach can provide the space to listen fully to you with utmost attention. You will have the safety to share your deepest concerns and struggles, hopes and dreams. Through 1:1 sessions, you will be supported with exercises, practices, reflection questions and frameworks to guide you towards achieving your goal.

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Advisory services

“Are you looking to build a design capability in your organisation but not sure where and how to start?”
“Are you looking to improve your processes and management of design teams?”

Studio Dojo can support you in two areas:

(1) Reviewing and improving your design set up:

  • Identifying the best team structures to produce the best result for your organisation
  • Creating performance criteria and promotion pathways
  • Writing job descriptions, identifying potential places to find candidates, reviewing candidate CVs or portfolios and interviewing candidates

(2) Operationalising design at scale:
Studio Dojo can support you in reviewing and refining your existing design team’s effectiveness and productivity. E.g.

  • How to scope projects, and manage work streams better
  • Improvements on your current design process
  • Systematising and scaling design operations
  • Team dynamics and morale
  • Ways of working
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