Integral Perspectives:

Cyber Wellness

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

In the first of the Integral Perspectives series, we will explore the issue of cyber wellness for youths.

For 3½ days, learn how to see things differently through design thinking (DT) blended with organisation development (OD) principles. By integrating multiple diverse views and frameworks, we aim to bring a more complete understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This allows us to discover our creative capacities to bring about more effective change in our worlds.

Come if you are

  • Just starting out with Design Thinking.
  • Interested in Social Innovation.
  • Curious about cyber wellness as a complex issue.
  • Looking to add new frameworks to your existing design thinking toolkit.
  • Wanting to understand what gets in the way of behavioural change.

About this workshop

Dates: 30 Sep, 2-4 Oct 2019

You’ll be guided through an immersive design thinking process of “Discover-Define-Design-Deliver”, on a real world challenge to help youths find better cyber wellness support. Coupled with key organisation development frameworks, learn how to better empathise with diverse stakeholders and overcome obstacles that get in the way of implementing effective solutions. Working in teams, you will practice gathering data from communities, receive feedback from experienced practitioners and collaborate with a socially engaged, interdisciplinary cohort. Leave your comfort zone and tackle a complex issue head on!

What to expect

  • Deepen your understanding of cyber wellness issues that youths face.
  • Experience the Design Thinking process.
  • Understand the philosophy and mindset that Design Thinking brings.
  • Learn how to identify needs, motivations and resistances.
  • Identify insights through the use of 3 OD frameworks.
  • Practise techniques that bring creativity and stretch the mind.
  • Construct prototypes and learn through iteration and testing.

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please write to us at

Trainers' Profiles

Hong Khai Seng

Director, Studio Dojo


Khai Seng has been in the design field for 15 years, focusing on design research and interaction design. Before setting up Studio Dojo, he was formerly the Head of Singapore for Foolproof, a UK-based experience design agency. He is a firm believer in holistic experience design spanning digital, spatial, product and service domains. He has developed and delivered curriculum for tertiary institutions in anthropological studies, interaction design, experience design and design thinking. Khai Seng is also interested in mindful practice, coaching, organisational development and futures thinking.

Khee Shihui

Programme Director, Common Ground


Shihui is trained as an aeronautical engineer, but feels most excited about personal development, community engagement and public service innovation. In 14 years across government, corporate, international development and the social sector, she’s focused on building social impact through experiential learning, facilitation, public engagement and coaching. Apart from volunteering with OH! Open House, Explorations into Faith and the M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival, she’s the right pillow and co-creator of Pillow Tok, a conversation toolkit for singles and couples to clarify their values in relationships.


Common Ground
21 Bedok North Street 1
Singapore 469659


30 Sep 10am to 6pm
2 Oct    1pm to 6pm (half-day)
3 Oct    10am to 6pm
4 Oct    10am to 6pm


Standard: S$1,200
Introductory offer: S$1,000
(For sign-ups before 15 Sep)

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